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Meeting Rooms, Amenities and Services

Waterfront Station Business Centre offers executive boardrooms with a wide range of services that include state of the art video conferencing, teleconferencing, click-share (single-click presentation and collaboration system), access to high speed internet, large meeting tables equipped with power supply and ergonomically correct office chairs.

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River Vista Boardroom

The River Vista executive boardroom has a seating capacity for 12 to 14 meeting participants including a stunning view of the Yukon River with a mountain back drop. The meeting space is equipped with state of the art technology and modern furniture.

Seating: 12 to 14
Rate: $65.00 (2 hour minimum)
$35.00 per hour


Meeting Point Boardroom

The Meeting Point boardroom is a perfect place for a small group of 6 to 8 meeting participants to conduct business.

Seating: 6 to 8
Rate: $55.00 (2 hour minimum)
$30.00 per hour